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Smoke Buddy Benefits & Annoyances

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The Smoke Buddy

The Smoke Buddy and the Travel Edition are personal air filters that you blow the smoke into to reduce the smell of cannabis.

Within this article, we will be reviewing the benefits and downsides of both the full sized version of the Smoke Buddy and the Junior/Travel Size.

*Full Disclaimer as we do sell and support the use of Smoke Buddies for discreet use of cannabis, this article will do its best to explore the negative sides, but won’t beat on the Smoke Buddy too much.

Smoke Buddy Benefits

The biggest and most obvious benefit of using The Smoke Buddy is that it reduces the smell of the cannabis smoke to those within a 10-15 meter radius.

Where this is the most beneficial is in condos, parks, parked cars and other places that smoking cannabis may be unwelcomed or against arbitrary rules. We would not recommend this for use in smoking in non-legal areas per your provincial legislation (school zones, while driving etc).

Additional Benefits of Using The Smoke Buddy:

  • Reduced chance of “cleaning charges” from hotels and car rental agencies
  • More effective than alternative methods
  • Easy to use and compact
  • Variety of styles to fit your needs.
  • Helps reduce the smell if smoking inside significantly

Smoke Buddy Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage is the juggling act that is needed to be performed when toking. As one hand will be needed for the pipe/bong and the other for a lighter/torch. The third arm currently is not an option for the smoke buddy.

Another large disadvantage to the smoke buddy is ensuring that your stoner monkey of a little brother uses it when smoking or whoever you want to use it. As they will likely not be used to doing so and blow out the smoke all over your apartment or house.

The cost may seem like a disadvantage, however the cost compared to a pissed off landlord, cleaning costs or reduction in value of a vehicle or dwelling is much higher.


Some “Old Fashion” and low-cost alternatives to the Smoke Buddy in reducing the smell of cannabis would be;

  • Fabric sheets in an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll.
  • Smoking in a steamed-up bathroom
  • Burning incense

There are likely several other alternatives, however, they all share the common issue that they are less effective at reducing smell and in most cases take longer to “put together” than a Smoke Buddy.

Smoke Buddy Discussion & FAQ

Full or Travel Size?

Giant Squirrel says full. Why? Several reasons;

  • Lasts longer
  • Only marginally bigger
  • Cost is not much more

Does a Smoke Buddy help with cigarette smoke?

No. The Giant Squirrel has tried this with guests who smoked, it did not reduce the smell at all.

Does a Smoke Buddy help with a vaporizer?

The Giant Squirrel has tested this but has only noticed a marginal reduction in odour, however as vaporizers seem to be less smelly, to begin with, this may reduce it to the barest of smells.

Does a Smoke Buddy help with concentrates or shatter?

Yes. Since concentrate is burned and creates smoke, this does help reduce the smell when exhaled.

Does a Smoke Buddy help with edibles?

Okay, you’re too high to ask any more questions.

How long does a Smoke Buddy last?

Of course, this varies based on usage, but they will last around 6 months on daily single-use. The Giant Squirrel will sometimes forget to switch his out for a new one, as the decrease in usefulness is not as noticeable to those smoking. When you do switch from an old one to a new one, you notice the difference immediately.

A Smoke Buddy Junior (Travel) will last about half the time. But is handy for hiking and other “low luggage” activities.

How do I know when to change my Smoke Buddy?

It will feel more like breathing through a towel and the Smoke Buddy itself will start smelling like an ashtray exclusively for joints. A couple of sniffs before smoking and you should be able to tell if it is time to change it.

Final Thoughts

In general, the Smoke Buddy is worth the extra cost if you are concerned with the odour with neighbours, children or other reasons.

The Smoke Buddy Junior is more specific for the user, mainly for those who are going to be travelling to places that they would prefer not to have the odour causing issues and are limited on the size of what they can carry.

As the Smoke Buddy Junior is a flat style, it fits easier into a pocket than the round body of the full-sized Smoke Buddy