Vodka Glass Wise Clown Cannabis Water Bong

$189.99 + Applicable Taxes

As with all bongs on our website, this product is mainly used for dry cannabis. However, can be used with concentrate with the proper accessories.

A wise clown once said. “I’m not that creepy, I’ll just take off the makeup and clothes”.

These were the last words utter by the wise clown before they went back to being the creepy clown.

Coming in at an impressive 14 inches, this is a double percolator, barrel & shower head, double chambered goofy looking bong in the Vodka Glass Diamond Series. With a bent neck to help reduce that burnt hair smell, that is possibly coming from the shower head percolator that looks a bit like a creepy clown wig.


Wherever you buy this product it comes with;

  • The Wiseclown Bong
  • A Dry Herb bowl

Incognito Glass Adds:

SKU: IG-01-008-RD Category:


Brand: Vodka Glass

Product Gender: Female

Attachments: 18mm Male Bowl

Incognito Glass has carried this product since: October 1, 2018

Stock Photo: Variation Minimal, if any

Additional information

Weight1500 g
Dimensions15 × 15 × 45 cm


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