Genie Ganesha Glass Cannabis Water Bong

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As with all bongs on our website, this product is mainly used for dry cannabis. However, it can be used with concentrate with the proper accessories.

His trunk is only 5.5 inches? And inside out? Oh, wait that is his bowl and downstem!

Puff in the power of Ganesha with this Elephant God bong by Genie Glass!

Coming in at 14 inches, this classic beaker style bong with an Elephant God (Ganesha) design will blend nicely with almost any design scheme you may have. Ice choker included with this beaker bong to cool it down after the water filters it.

*Note this product is clear, the picture does not look exactly as the product does. Was artificially darkened to show designs.

Wherever you buy this product it comes with;

  • The Ganesha (Elephant God) Bong
  • A Dry Cannabis 14mm bowl
  • A 5.5″ Downstem

Incognito Glass Adds:

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Brand: Genie

Product Gender: Female

Attachments: 14mm Male Bowl & 5″ Downstem

Incognito Glass has carried this product since October 1, 2018

Stock Photo: Variation significant due to darkening of the clear bottom (same colour as top) to show designs.

Additional information

Weight1230 g
Dimensions15 × 15 × 40 cm


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