Evolution Honeybine Bong

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As with all bongs on our website, this product is mainly used for dry cannabis. However, can be used with concentrate with the proper accessories.

Bees operating a hydro dam? Well the Honeycomb and Turbine percolators on this water bong will certainly make you think they could. Pair it with the Buzz Buzz Beehive Pipe for extra honey.

This quality made double percolator bong by Evolution Glass stands at 12.5″ tall, just scraping by into our large bong category. Coming with a honeycomb percolator and a turbine percolator, hence the name Honeybine, will increase the amount of smoke you can take by cooling it down before it hits you.

Additionally the angled neck can help keep longer hair from dropping into open flames.


Wherever you buy this product it comes with;

  • The Honeybine Bong
  • A Handled Bowl

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Brand: Evolution Glass

Product Gender: Female

Attachments: 14mm male

Special Order: Teal (No Photo Available)

Incognito Glass has carried this product since: October 1, 2018

Incognito Stock Photo: Variation Minimal, if any

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Weight975 g
Dimensions16 × 16 × 38 cm

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