Evolution Glass Eclipse Cannabis Concentrate Rig

$134.99 + Applicable Taxes

As with all concentrate rigs on our website, this product is mainly used for cannabis concentrate. However, with the proper accessories, provided by Incognito Glass at no charge, can be used with dry cannabis.

Howling at the moon has never felt as good with this Evolution Glass Eclipse concentrate rig. Just try not to do it for too long outside or the water in the rig might freeze or worse yet the banger might cool down.

Standing at only 6.25″ this rig has a well rounded base and look that will be discreet and at the same time be something to talk about with that inner circle.


Wherever you buy this product it comes with;

  • The Eclipse Rig
  • A Glass Nail with a Bubble Dome

Incognito Glass Adds:

SKU: IG-02-015 Category:


Brand: Evolution

Product Gender: Male

Attachments: 14mm Female

Special Order: White

Incognito Glass has carried this product since: October 1, 2018

Incognito Stock Photo: Variation Minimal, if any

Additional information

Weight560 g
Dimensions15 × 15 × 23 cm



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