Atomik Glass Carina Cannabis Bubbler

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As with all bubblers on our website, this product is used for dry cannabis and differs from a dry pipe by adding water or flavoured bong water to it for a smoother hit.

Using the Carina by Atomik Glass you are sure to pull all that smoke down past the carina ridge of cartilage in your trachea.

Tracheobronchial injury, an injury to the airways, occurs within 2.5 cm of the carina 60{9790ee271c228e9d63959d2d6b8deca8261b128aa39439eebc2cdd19497bc129} of the time. Now you have probably learned something new and we’re sorry for forcing some knowledge into your brain while you were just looking to buy a bubbler, it probably pushed out that memory that you forgot about.

Coming in at 5 inches this is an excellent size for longer travel trips and discreet use as needed.


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Brand: Atomik Glass

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Weight125 g
Dimensions9 × 9 × 18 cm


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