Buzz Buzz Beehive Cannabis Glass Pipe

$39.99 + Applicable Taxes

As with all dry pipes on our website, this product is used for dry cannabis and comes in several varieties such as GandalfsSherlocks and others.

Save the Bees with this Beehive Style standard pipe. Likely the bees won’t be coming near you with the smoke you’ll be producing with this well designed pipe.

Coming in at 5.5 (14cm) inches, this is a larger travel pipe, but allows for a longer pull, resulting in less tiny bits of ash in your throat.


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Attachments & Accessories: Screens

Incognito Glass has carried this product since: October 1, 2018

Stock Photo: Variations are Minimal to Moderate due to the manufacturing process.

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Weight70 g
Dimensions6 × 8 × 14 cm


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