Privacy Policies

General Privacy Policy

Incognito Glass understands that the privacy of it’s customers is a core concern of professionals and discreet users. As we understand this we take steps to ensure that there will not be a break of trust between us and our customers.

If your specific question is not answered below, please feel contact us here and we will respond to you ideally in less than 24 hours.

All information for your account is held in strict confidence. This information is never shared with marketers, data mining firms, or anyone that is not legally able to request access.

The account information is restricted access. The information is backed up onto a secured server on a regular basis and is considered low risk to cyber attacks.

The main person who has access and is ultimately responsible for safeguarding the information has worked as an auditor for several years. Requirements for confidentiality during an audit are extensive and safeguarding client data goes hand in hand with this. Due to these experiences the company policies of Incognito Glass reflect a higher standard than what is required by law.

These standards can be found on the CPA Alberta Website. Be forewarned it is a dry and boring read (Page 122, section 208 is what is being discussed).

“The duty to keep a client’s affairs confidential should not be confused with the legal concept of privilege. The duty of confidentiality precludes the disclosure of a client’s affairs without the knowledge and consent of the client. The duty of confidentiality to clients and former clients does not expire with time. As confidential information becomes dated, the duty may be of less practical concern to a client, but the duty continues.

The duty of confidentiality also includes establishing, maintaining and upholding appropriate policies and processes to protect confidential information. Such policies and processes include limiting access to the information and implementing appropriate measures to address a situation when the duty of confidentiality has been breached.”

While not legally bound to these guidelines, Incognito Glass does their best to reflect these standards in their business practices to help put their clients at ease when dealing with us.


Email Specific Privacy Policy

At Incognito Glass we know that nobody wants to sign up for a mailing list to get an email every two days about every new product that comes into store or spam your inbox with “special deals” just to get you to come back to the website or worse yet have their email and information sold to marketing companies.

Our policy regarding your email is that we will not sell, given, donate or share your email with any company, agency or person for a profit or not for a profit. The only exception to this rule is MailChimp, which handles our mail campaigns and we have our mailing lists uploaded to their servers.

MailChimp’s privacy policies can be read here.  Summarized, they will also not share your email with anyone unless legally required to.

We also comply with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) which you can read more about here.


Credit Card Specific Privacy Policy

As many of Incognito Glass’ customers live comfortably this can result in an increased risk of identity theft. As we understand this at Incognito Glass we have chosen to partner with only established companies that do not have a history of security breaches or poor polices regarding security.

We process all credit card payments through Moneris financial services.

Please feel free to read about their privacy policy here.

No credit card numbers are stored in our system and all order information is kept under strict security with access heavily limited.

“How will my purchase appear on my credit card statement?”

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