Special Requests

Different Colours & Styles

If it has been noted in the detailed description that another colour or style is available please select the option of “Special Order”.  On the check out page under special orders please indicate which colour or style you are requesting  as there are multiple additional colours or styles available with some products.

If the Special Order option does not appear, this is possibly an error on our part, or could be a very special order. In this case please send us an email and we will get it done.

“Will my card be charged right away?”

No, the order will be placed on hold until we confirm with the supplier they have that particular item available in the colour/style you want. If it turns out it is not, we will contact you regarding a substitute, extended time-frame or cancelling of the order.

“Why not carry all the colours or styles?”

Usually when we start with a new item or product line, instead of purchasing all the possible colours and styles we will stock only certain variations as the more “playful” variations do not always suit our product mix. But we also do not want to limit you based on our choices, which is why we offer this service.

“Why the extra processing time?”

I need to contact my wholesalers and order the product. Usually this is only two days as my main two suppliers are local, however you will be informed if it will take longer.

Gift Wrapping

“Do you offer gift wrapping services?”

We are quite torn on this at Incognito Glass, we want to offer this service at no charge, but we really hate wrapping gifts.

However, if you have taken the time to read this portion of the website, please request it in the special request section and we will get it done.

Please note we will use holiday neutral paper unless requested (ie if you want Christmas Paper, tell us).

Additionally, if it is for a birthday we maybe tempted to use the most childish paper we can find, so please request otherwise if that would be a problem, or if it is desired please give details so we can include a card.

All items will be wrapped and placed inside the box for shipping, so there will be a potential of shifting and tearing of the wrapping paper during transit.

Other Requests

Put it in the box at checkout and we will see what we can do.

Or contact us here