Quality Policy

 Quality and Product Policies

– Serious About Quality –

At Incognito Glass we are serious about quality. We understand how frustrating it is to receive something online at a good price only to find out that it was a lower quality item than what may have been perceived. This can cause frustration and attempting to return something purchased online can be a serious hassle.

We attempt to prevent this by ensuring that our products are clear in their descriptions and accurately represent the quality level of the product being sold.

We do our best to ensure that only quality items are sold through our store. However, due to unforeseeable circumstances lower quality items may make it into the mix, if they sneak their way in and are identified we will do one or any of the following;

  • Take the item off the store;
  • Cease ordering from that supplier if this has been an issue in the past or if their practices were deemed deceitful;
  • Discount and liquidate the item, while clearly describing why in the item description;
  • Take the item down and use it as a free gift for larger orders

Product Policy

Our product mix is determined by The Giant Squirrel with input from David Graham and Smokey Monkey.

The main focus of Incognito Glass is discreet paraphernalia, with this in mind we would not be interest in stocking items with cannabis leaves on them, or brands that are associated with stoner culture.

With that in mind, we understand this limits us in our product selection….surprisingly a lot more than we though it would.

With this in mind, we are always looking to expand out lines within our policy.

If you have products that you feel we might be interested in, it never hurts to reach out. Please contact us here

Question & Answer

What do you mean by “Quality”? – Our Definition of Quality;

No matter how much we wanted to make this a mathematical equation we eventually gave up.

The subjective definition we use is that the product performs the way it is intended with regular use over a period of time that is within reasonable expectations with regards to the cost to of the user.

The below quality example/concept can be applied to any type of item you are looking at in our shop. Regardless of if it is bongs, rigs, accessories or anything else. We attempt to label all our items with the perceived quality.

Quality Example

Three different pipe examples;

Moderate Quality Pipe

  • $19.99 CAD
  • Could last 2-3 months with regular (once a day) use before the paint starts peeling or fading.
  • Cleaned weekly

We would consider this a moderate quality pipe, which would be the lowest quality that we prefer to stock. This is ideal for those who are cost conscious and not entirely sure if cannabis is right for them, usually an ideal place to start until you want to invest a bit more effort into your purchases.

High Quality Pipe

  • $29.99 CAD
  • Lasts 6 months with regular (once a day) use before the paint starts peeling or fading.
  • Cleaned weekly

This would be a a higher quality item, the increased cost is reflective of the increase in lifespan of the product.

While the price has not doubled the lifespan has. This would be ideal for those who enjoy cannabis and wish to change up their styles every few months to keep “fresh”. A moderate investment in comparison.

Premium Quality Pipe

  • $49.99 CAD
  • Could lasts years with regular (once a day) use before the paint starts peeling or fading.
  • Cleaned weekly

We would consider this a premium quality pipe, which falls in with the best pipes we stock. This is ideal for those who are looking to make sure that they won’t have to replace the pipe unless they drop/break it or from years of use. While investing more money initially, this pipe should last without much issue.

An added bonus, when investing in premium quality items you may sometimes notice a difference in flavor or effects of cannabis due to the higher quality. Which is why we don’t suggest creating bongs out of apples or using cheap plastic.

Please note that this example was just that an example used to help understand our concept of quality. You could buy a pipe for $9.99 that is essentially disposable and it could last years as well if you don’t use it often. The costs, time frames and usage we tossed up in these examples are random and do not constitute a guarantee or policy on how long a particular level of quality should last.

How do you determine the product quality? – We are always concerned with quality in our products and as we cannot test each product for months or years or at all we must make a determination on visual inspection.

The factors we take into consideration are;

  • Thickness and Quality of Glass
  • Supplier History
  • Supplier Product Mix
  • Packaging it is shipped in
  • Possible design defects
  • Brand

We will have some issues arise over the life of this company about certain product’s quality. If you have concerns or complains about any product you have purchased, please let us know.

If it is a serious issue we will rectify it to the best of our ability, however as our return policy states, used products cannot be returned, but that doesn’t mean we would do nothing.

Made In…. “Where are your products made?”

“Why is everything you sell made in China?”

“Why don’t you source from Canadian manufacturers?”

These general questions can be answered below;

  • Our items are sourced from Canadian wholesalers
  • These wholesalers have these products manufactured in China or overseas to their quality standards
  • This is how the world works in 2018
  • We felt our customers would be opposed to spending 2-3 times as much on their products because it is made in Canada
  • “Made in Canada” does not always mean what you think it does, we suggest you Google the issues surrounding this.

We have attempted to source from Canadian manufacturers when originally sourcing all products. Unfortunately, the cost associated with these items were drastically higher than other sources and was impractical as most of the Canadian sources were for specialty or custom work.

If you know of a reasonably priced Canadian manufacturer please contact us as we would be interested in hearing from them. We always attempt to support Canadian small businesses first as we are one.

This Product Only Lasted This Amount of Time – As stated in the above section, we are concerned about the quality of our products, but sadly cannot test them all as we would overdose with fun.

Please contact us here and we will assess and work with you to rectify the situation as best we can per our policies.

This Product is Ugly – As with people, quality should not be determined by appearance and should be determine based on actions and substance or your parents would have probably dropped you off long ago if they could have for this type of question.

Because something is not visually appealing to your particular sense of taste does not make it a low quality item. Yes, in your view it is ugly, but in the next person’s eyes it could be the most beautiful piece they have ever seen.

If you feel everything on our website doesn’t match your taste, please drop us an email and let us know the styles you would like to see in the future as we are always trying to switch around products to find a better product mix for our customers in this never ending struggle.