About Us

The Giant Squirrel and Smoky Monkey

The Giant Squirrel

Incognito Glass

A self proclaimed cannabis connoisseur, the Giant Squirrel is owner and operator of Incognito Glass.

As a designated accountant, he understands the need for quality products with a subtle context.

While he is not shy about his stance on cannabis use he does try to limit the conversations regarding it when meeting new people.

Living in the most conservative city in Canada, this has resulted in him needing to curb his enthusiasm when discussing cannabis with new colleagues and acquaintances as it is not as widely accepted as binge drinking high end whiskies.

Having lived all across Canada he has seen the different attitudes towards cannabis consumption change over time and from province to province. He is looking forward to the day when it can be considered socially acceptable across North America.

Hobbies and interests include, training for and hopefully competing soon in Strongman competitions, writing novels, photography and animals.

He has been using recreational cannabis for over two decades and has a medical prescription for its use.

Preferred usage is through edibles and dry herb through a water based pipe or bong.

He also talks about himself in the third person like some sort of weirdo squirrel.

A Little More About Us

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Our Mission

Our main goal is to educate and provide access to high quality cannabis accessories that fit the professional lifestyle for the use of legal cannabis products.

Our Philosophy

A concentration on quality and customer service is important to us.

Amazon and Wal Mart type of companies will always be able to bully almost all other businesses on price, but currently these giants are not interested in our market.

When they do decide to waltz into our industry we will still be here fighting them with our reputation and established commitment to quality and service.


Limited Profit Company

While this is not likely to be an issue with the company. The owner has determined that the company will be a limited profit company.

What this entails is that any profits over a certain threshold will be either donated to a charity or prices will be adjusted to pass the savings onto the client. The threshold would be calculated over a five year basis, as company activity fluctuates from year to year.

The main reason this is being disclosed at this point is power has a tendency to corrupt and good intentions can be cast aside if reminders are not put in place.

With the significant amount of greed in the world and money snowballing to make more money the betterment of society appears to be cast aside for making more profit at some point.

Smokey Monkey

The brother of the Giant Squirrel, Smokey Monkey, is a pipefitter by trade and a recreational cannabis user.

The Smokey Monkey acts as a consultant from time to time in regards to specifics on cannabis use that the Giant Squirrel may not be entirely familiar with.

As an avid user of cannabis he is usually red eyed and is high functioning user. Due to the nature of the Oil & Gas industry he is required to go on hiatus for his cannabis consumption to pass company regulated drug tests.

His interests include; Hunting, Fishing, Video games, Skiing and finding that special lady.

Preferred usage is concentrate through the use of a vaporizer and dry herb through a water bong.