CBD and Workout Recovery

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Within this post we will be exploring one of the non-psychoactive aspect of cannabis in cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, and how it relates to recovery time for working out.

CBD, oil specifically, is currently being presented and hyped as a miracle cure for some aliments. While we will not be addressing any of these miracle claims within this post. We will be discussing and fact checking various studies and claims about work out recovery and CBD.

A Quick Background

The Giant Squirrel is called as such because he is a giant. Standing at 193cm (6’3″) and pushing 182kg (400lbs) he frequents the gym often ever trying to reach that higher lift or press. He is currently training and looking forward to competing in local and regional strongman competitions in the future. While he does not expect to compete on an international or even national level, he has not ruled out either or the possibility of provincials. However, one thing has been brought to his attention, within the fitness world, recovery time is king.

This is where many steroids come in, the common misconception of steroids is that you take steroids and you can bulk up with minimal effort. This is ironically the opposite idea. Most steroids simply help rebuild the muscles you broke down faster, thus reducing the recovery time from working out. Therefore you can go back to the gym and bust your ass sooner.

A conceptional example;

You work your chest hard one day, then need to recover for two before working it again, this equates to about 120 chest days a year.

If you can use steroids and reduce that to 1 recovery day, all of the sudden this becomes 180 days a year. An extra 2 months of chest workouts, imagine what that could do if you were competing on a national stage.

So is it any surprise that so many professionals take steroids? They take the increased health risk in order to advance their careers and push themselves further. Many believe this is cheating and in some cases it plainly is, if a competition is deemed to be natural as per the rules, and you use, you are breaking the rules. At this point it becomes more of a moral aspect.

Basics of cannabidiol

Cannabis is made up of several chemicals, two of the biggest ones are THC and CBD.

THC is what will make you feel high, it is a mental stimulant and can cause a “body high” or a “head high”. But both highs are caused in the brain and there is no physical effect of the THC is causing your body to not move as quickly, it is essentially all in your head.

CBD on the other hand is on the physical side. It does not mentally affect you, however you still feel the effects physically. The best conceptualization we could come up with this is a massage. You feel better after a massage and you feel the effects, but it doesn’t mentally affect you beyond perhaps releasing some natural chemicals in the brain.

CBD affects the brain’s different receptors in different ways, there are lots of articles out there detailing how this is done and why there is promising aspects of CBD for treatment of a wide variety of conditions including; anxiety, depression, chronic pain relief and a host of others. However, much of the research studies were not human based and may transfer from the mice to the evolved monkeys.

Coming in a variety of methods from body oils, creams, edible oils, balms and also from strains of cannabis with less than 0.10% THC content, there is a variety of methods to take CBD.

For this particular article we will be mainly discussing dry flower strains that are for the intents and purposes of usage 100% CBD and ingested oils.