The lack of blog posts do not reflect the lack of business for Incognito Glass.

The Giant Squirrel is still around, but due to various medical issues and other factors, creating blog posts has dropped to a low priority.

We are looking at opening up to US Sales in 2021. Currently all US Sales are at request only.


What happened to the Squirrel?

Most people don’t care what happened to the people within the business during their business transactions, but some people do. So this post is mainly to explain why there has not been any new Blog posts for the past few months.

In 2019 the Giant Squirrel found out why he was so Giant , to save all the details, he required brain surgery and several months of recovery and rehab. During this time he was able to make some posts as he had tons of energy. Unfortunately after the recovery the energy levels have plummeted, these are slowly getting better.

During this time, we had a website redesign and a new builder is being used to create the pages. Unfortunately this rebuild took place right around the time that the energy left the Squirrel. So, learning a new builder from scratch was something that took a back burner to. Then COVID happened.

While many people found themselves with tons of time on their hands during COVID, this was not the case for the Giant Squirrel. He chose this time to leave his full time job, and start his own accounting firm along with Incognito Glass (jumping into the deep end).

The Squirrel is doing well and is still working on the rehab aspect of his surgeries (broken ankle in July 2018, also).

In August 2020, Frosty Squirrel Chartered Professional Accountant was created.

This was a major shift for the Squirrel and splitting his time between Incognito Glass and Frosty Squirrel has required some sacrifices, both permanment and temporary. Consistent Blog Posts being one that is temporary.

 Starting up a company takes a significant amount of time, now that the majority of the startup process is completed a bit of time has freed up (ie this post).

The Giant Squirrel is also the Treasurer of the Alberta Strongman Association (ASA).

Due to COVID, this has resulted in choas. But after having lost a ton of energy, the squirrel has chosen to use most of that limited energy to go to the gym often and getting back into training to compete in the future Strongman Events.

Due to the US being…the US, the Squirrel has spent a fair amount of time looking into expanding sales into the US.

But due to the legal minefield that is the US legal system, especially with regards to cannabis, this has taken some time.

While we have offered US Sales on request (as each request the Squirrel would research that state’s laws in regards to cannabis), the “open season” for US sales was not feasible at the time of opening Incognito Glass. As the Squirrel prefers a life of freedom and not having charges laid against him for “selling drug paraphernalia” to Americans.

As it is still Federally illegal to sell paraphernalia in the US, the loophole is “tobacco use only” for these items. While a loophole exists, shipping to the states was done more Incognito rather than upfront.

However with the UN reclassification of cannabis, and the US election results. The risk has dropped significantly.

After the holiday season, we will likely be opening up to US sales. 

Now that the Divi monster has been revealed to be a mouse. We hope to start having blog posts on a more regular basis.

It is likely that the blog itself will be expanded a bit to include non cannabis related topics, but the majority will still be cannabis related.